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20020000 The One

Senest opdateret af Alice Raunsbæk d. 8 Sep 2011 kl. 18:11:07

One night, one silent night, a night in summer. All was quiet, all was calm untill the arival of the one.
The one bount to change lives, lives of people, people with no hope. She came quietly, yet not like a theif at night, she told not people of her might.
A power to enchant, a power to amase. Quiet and safe she made her way to the heards of the lonely.
People who loved and some that hated, all where silent in the soule presens, no matter their behavior in crouds.
Gently she spoke, little smileing words, words of friendship, words of joy, luring them into her arms.
As they come closer she lets them in, into her loveing heart, just to give them friendship …
She spoke not of the pain in her soul, she told them not of her lonelyness.
Her smileing ways traped one or two, she now learned fellings, she knew not what to do.

(skrevet i løbet af sommeren/efteråret 2002 – indskrevet 16/03-2003)

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Intet nyt under solen

Senest opdateret af Alice Raunsbæk d. 30 Jan 2023 kl. 09:59:24

Det bliver løbende tilføjet opskrifter.

Spil er en ny sektion, hvor reglerne for nogle af familiens spil vil blive lagt ind (når nu engang jeg når til det).