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20030316 Storytelling

Senest opdateret af Alice Raunsbæk d. 8 Sep 2011 kl. 18:11:07

A story I tried to write

A world, a world in pease. So peasefull it is after a storm. It is known that after the dark comes light, but people forget that after the light comes darkness.

The ‘storm’ had just ended and the world had selabrated and setteles down. Three strangers arived, three strangers brougt to the world by a master of magic. The strangers three, one girl and two men (one man shorter than a normal man).
They were meet by the king on his big white stalyon greating Cyfus, the magician, asking who the strangers were. He offered to get horses for the magician and his guests, he rode off and returned with four horses, all black (one of which belonged to Cyfus). The two strange men helped the girl upon the tallest horse after being told that it was the onde hardest to ride. After this the tall man, Darolon, helped the “half-man”, Dowos, up on the shortest horse (the half-man already seamed shorter than when they had arived). Cyfus and Darolon got on their horses and they started riding.
Late afternoon they rode passed an old farm, the king bid the strangers and Cyfus farvel. The strangers stayed at the farm with Cyfus. They were given food and beds for the night.

The next morning they started out early. They rode slowly towards a great white city, it had to be the capital. The great white city of ________. As they came closer Cyfus started talking with them. The men didn’t talk much but the girl, Clarie, was very interested in this strange new place.
When they arived by the gates of ________ two guards greaded Cyfus in a strange language, he told them something while pointing at the newcomers. They were let in. Cyfus got off his horse and told them to do the same. They walked thru the city and thru more gates.

After passing thru a number of gates they reached a closed one. Outside were two guards dressed in the colours black and gold. Again Cyfus talked to the guards and they let the four of them pass inside the last gate. There were beautyfull gardens and some grand houses. Cyfus pointed out a house and told them that it was the house of healing.
He led them thru the door of another house and on thru a coridor and into a room with three beds that were build into the wall. There were cutins infront of the beds, just big enough to cover the holes the beds were in.

The strangers were left to them selvs for awhile so they had a chance to talk among themselves. Thouse who heard them talk told of strange words.
After spending sometime in the room they were brougth into a big hall. There were two thrones, one of which the king was sitting in, on the other sad a beautyfull lady. “She must be the queen.” Clarie though.
Guards were standing all around, they looked at the strangers with amazement. Cyfus appeared between two guards, he smiles at them and lead them the rest of the way to the two thrones.
The king stod up and Cyfus whispered that they should bow to him, so Darolon and Dowos bowed and Clarie curtsied.
— Welcome to Rodong, strangers. The king, Nagroa, said and smiled.
— Come closer, sit down. He said in a chearfull tone and gave a signal to a guard to get some chairs. Three chairs were placed close to the thrones and the strangers sat down.
— Now, tell me your names and where you come from. Nagroa said and looked at Darolon. But he didn’t seam to awnser. Then he looked at Dowos, who nerviusly looked at Darolon. Nagroa seamed anoyed and were supriced when Clarie spoke.
— My name is Clarie, and this is Darolon and Dowos. We come from a place far from this beautyfull country.
— How far? The queen asked.
— That is a question that I cannot awnser. Clarie said.
— Oh, I have not introduced you. This is my wife, Wean. Nagroa interupted.

Her stopper den oprindelige – under indskrivningen er historien blevet forsat

— How come you do not know how far or how long you have traveled? Wean continued.
— Because Cyfus brought us here. Clarie relyied, and added, “By the use of his magic.” Wean called for Cyfus, but he did not seam to be there.

(fra første år HHX (2001-2002) – indskrevet 16/03-2003)

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Intet nyt under solen

Senest opdateret af Alice Raunsbæk d. 30 Jan 2023 kl. 09:59:24

Det bliver løbende tilføjet opskrifter.

Spil er en ny sektion, hvor reglerne for nogle af familiens spil vil blive lagt ind (når nu engang jeg når til det).