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Genie in a Bottle

Senest opdateret af Alice Raunsbæk d. 11 Sep 2011 kl. 12:35:02

A gentleman is sitting on a deserted beach watching the sunset when he notices something half buried in the sand. He pulls it out and sees that it is a heavy, jewel encrusted bottle. As he brushes off the sand, the bottle begins to shake and emit various colored clouds of smoke, then...POOF! A Genie appears from out of the bottle (how did we know?).
The Genie lavishes praise on the man, regales him with his story, and finally gets around to the 'you have three wishes' part of the tale.

So the guy thinks about it for awhile and says ''I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I am afraid to fly and afraid to go on a boat, so for my first wish I want a highway from here to Hawaii''.

The Genie at first is amazed at the character of the man and ask instead if he would not want ''all the money...fame...glory...vast amounts of property...'' yadda yadda. Nope, wish one is for the highway.

The Genie tells him that doing something like that borders almost on the impossible. The time, resources, and energy required to fulfill such a wish would most likely leave the Genie drained for thousands of there something else, anything - even wishing for more wishes - that he might want?

The man again pauses and thinks for awhile then says ''Well, I have always wanted to understand women''. The Genie replies, ''So this highway, did you want two lanes or four?''

Original auther: Unknown

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PHP opdatering

Senest opdateret af Alice Raunsbæk d. 11 Nov 2018 kl. 11:39:52

Min udbyder opdaterer alle websites fra gamle PHP versioner til PHP 7.2, desværre betyder det at nogle funktioner og moduler ikke helt virker - jeg arbejder på det.

Men skulle du finde noget, der ikke virker, så giv mig gerne en melding!